Merchant of the Month, June 2018, Three Brothers Boards

Three Brothers Boards 


Our Story

Three Brother’s Boards has been shaping classic-style Stand Up Paddle Boards since 2010. Although our style is classic, our technology is state-of-the-art. Offering quality SUP’s from 8′ to 14′, Three Brother’s Boards has a board that fits everyone in the family. Whether you are surfing the waves on your board, or chilling on a lake or river, we carry a wide variety of boards that fit any style of activity you and your SUP desire.
Three Brothers Boards also offers Stand Up Paddle Board tours in the Halifax River and Daytona Beach area. With experience, knowledge, high quality equipment, and exceptional expertise, your SUP tour is guaranteed to be amazing with great memories to share when you go home. Our Dolphin and Manatee SUP tours are rated the #1 tour in Daytona Beach on TripAdvisor and were featured on the Travel Channel as the best tour from Virginia Beach to Miami Beach!
Tours and lessons are offered 7 days a week with one day advance notice.
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