Farmers’ Market Merchants

Fresh Produce, Baked Goods, Seafood, Crafts, Dairy Products, and more..


Goedele Orchard Apples *Fall Season Only
Fresh apples from Wisconsin (while supples last)
A variety of cheeses and sausages

Evan Farms *Spring Season Only
Locally grown vegatables

Tomazin’s Fresh Farm
Lettuce & Produce

Huck Tomazin is a 4th generation farmer from Samsula. His family has been farming there since 1912. They grow red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, Boston lettuce, bib lettuce, dandelion, escarole, endive, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, squash, spinach, eggplant, arugula, Swiss chard, broccoli, bokchoy, Napa cabbage, regular cabbage, & beets.

TOGA Citrus
Florida Oranges & Grapefruit

Dale’s Produce

Sunshine Market
Wide Variety of Fruit & Vegetables

Willoughby’s Produce
Locally grown fresh produce

Perrines Produce
Fresh local Fruits & Vegetables

Connie’s Produce
Wide Variety of Fruit & Vegetables


Macker Seafood
Shell fish & Fresh Ocean Fish

Macker Seafood is a family operated business on Mason Avenue. Johnny Macker started harvesting shell fish, clams & oysters 37 years ago and the family continues fishing off the coast at Matanzas Inlet just north of Marineland. They also offer flounder, sheepshead and blue crab.
Fresh Fish

Fish Chic Seafood
Variety of smoke fish, chowder and fish dip all from local waters

Rita has been in the commercial fishing industry in the area for over 25 years. Fresh local fish she sells include: scallops, grouper, snapper, sword fish, tuna, mahi, shrimp, conch, smoked fish dip, conch salad, lobster, clams, oysters and ready to cook coconut shrimp.  Customers rave about her the conch salad.


Natural Spring Dairy
Natural Springs Dairy started “Custom Calf Care” in Chino, CA raising baby calves and building calf pens. In 1990 they moved to Lovington NM, there they raised calfs at the rate of 12000 per year from Newborn to 150 days old or 275 lbs.
By 1996 Natural Springs Dairy began milking 50 cows, and in 2005 they transitioned to an organic plan to sell milk to Horizon organic under contract.
In 2006 Natural Springs Dairy was certified as an organic dairy, farm and processing facility. By 2010 they had moved and sold the farm and livestock to their son Bradey in Bell, FL. ,and sold their milk to Organic Valley.
By 2011 they built “Natural Springs Dairy Farmstead Cheese” and began selling products direct to public at farmers markets on Florida East Coast.

Some of the products they sell at the Daytona Beach Farmers include:

Farm Fresh Eggs
Duck Eggs
Variety of cheese including Cream Cheese, White Cheddar, Jalapeño cheddar, Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Bulgaria Feta, Drunken Cow Gouda, Curds, Gouda
Fresh Milk, Heavy Cream, Yogurt, Butter
Ghee (clarified butter, especially as used in South Asian cooking)
Grass fed Beef – steak cuts, hamburger & stew meat
Beef Jerky
Beef Broth
Apple Cider Vinegar

Keely Farms Dairy 
They raise heritage sized Jersey cows that are well suited to grazing. Their current herd is around 70 animals, many of them heifers who will be milking in the next year. Each of their cows has a name and is an important member of their farm family. Their small herd grazes nearly 100 acres on their main farm and lounges in the shade under mature oak trees and next to clear, spring fed ponds. Their calves are raised by mother cows not bottle fed in isolation. Their raw milk is milked and then processed in a clean environment with American made, stainless steel, grade A quality equipment. They use in-line filters during milking to be sure no dirt gets into their milk. They chill the milk immediately after it leaves the cow.  They test their cows frequently.  They test EVERY batch of milk in their tank before bottling with state of the art equipment that gives them instant analysis.

Some of the products they sell at the Daytona Beach Farmers include:

Raw Milk
Greek Yogurt
Cottage Cheese


Edward’s General Goods
wide variety of discount specialty grocery items
Louvenia Bolden
Personal and home care cleaning products


Gert’s Country Kitchen
Beef & Pork BBQ

Gert & Maurice Gainey’s family has been farming outside Gainesville since the early 1900’s and now grow all their produce organically. In addition to beef and pork BBQ meals, they also have available turnip greens, fresh English peas, broccoli, carrots, beets, Brussel sprouts, several varieties of kale, spinach, cabbage , several varieties of cauliflower including purple, green and orange, fresh from their farm.

BBQ Jerk Boys
Smoked Ribs, Chicken, Steak and Burgers

Pop’s Kettle Corn
Fresh popped kettle corn

The Peanut Man
Boiled Peanuts & Peanut Products

Spouses Bakery & Deli
Fresh baked cookies, brownies, muffins, breads, calzones, potpies and more

Tre Amici
Gourmet Pastas, Gluten Free Gourmet Pastas, and Artisan Sauces

Jeremiah’s Healthy Food
Fresh made to order fish, burgers, hotdogs, sausages (also made as sandwiches) and prepare your own salad.

Charlene Richards
Fresh baked goods, cakes, muffins, and breads (sugar free and gluten free) also available.

Elin Koss
Indonesian meat pies, green pancakes, and more.

Herbert’s Bakery
Hungarian Pastries and more.


Austin’s Nursery
Shrubs and Flowering Plants

Agape Nursery
Lush tropical plants including brilliant bromeliads and palms

Two Thumbs Up
Lush Houseplants


Daytona Birdhouses
Whimsical Birdhouses

Golden Chaga/Terri’s Jewelry
Chaga mushroom extract & handmade magnetic jewelry

Roy (Local Artist)
Artist sketches and paintings


Haw Creek Honey
Local Honey

Ocie’s Gourmet Preservatives
Homemade sauces, jellies, jams and local honey


Avon Products