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Is Here For You!
Whether you are an old comrade or a new friend, we look forward to seeing you in our shop!
We offer a full-service metaphysics center with much that can help you find joy, peace and satisfaction. 
Our Crystal Healing Bed uses Light Therapy to provide metaphysical healing by providing stimulation and balancing for the body’s seven Chakras (energy centers)… Improve your health of body and soul with a session on our Crystal Healing Bed! 
Prepare to be amazed by Aura/Chakra photography: Subjects receive a five-page report featuring the Aura Colors and the seven energy centers or Chakras of the human body. This report also provides a description of the current energy levels and ideas for how to cleanse, balance and center theChakras and feel more alive and well in Body, Mind and Spirit. 
You can experience a 30 minute Tarot Reading with Joe, Tiffany, or David for $60 or choose an Astrological Chart Interpretation With Joe. for $75 (extra time is available if needed)…
Joe comes from a family of storytellers and teachers and has a unique gift for helping people learn how their natal chart influences different aspects of personality and contributes to life experiences via inherent predilections and “gifts from the Angels.” He has independently studied Astrology for over 30 years and has been reading the Tarot for over a decade.
Joe is currently available for
readings Tuesday through Saturday… Visit on any of those days or to ensure a Specific date and time, feel free to call the shop to schedule an appointment with him.  
(386) 236-9968
Tarot Card Reader Tiffany is with us all day Thursday through Monday. Tiffany is a mother of two who hails from Illinois. She has over 8 years of experience and was self taught. She would love to read the cards for you! Walk-ins are always accepted but please feel free to Call for an appointment if you want to be sure to see the reader of your choice.
DISCOVER THE MANY NEW ITEMS IN OUR SHOP, such as: Ocean Jasper! Black Jade from Arizona! Gorgeous Cut Crystals reflecting the colors of the rainbow; Chakra-stone jewelry in rainbow colors that will open, balance and center your seven Chakras; “Wishing” Pendants with a rainbow of colored stones – each opens like a locket to hold a scrap of paper on which you can write a wish… beautiful hand-crafted drums with strikers; wonderful new Bracelets in a plethora of gorgeous
gemstones, and unique varieties of collectible stones such as Seraphinite, Unakite, Septarian, Vesuvianite, Pink Agate and Pink Opal. Discover our new Frankincense & Myrrh Candles, too!
If you’d like to host a class, workshop, or seminar, let us know.  Mannie is always happy to talk to you about space
and times available
 (and rates are reasonable!)  
Be creative and share your talents and gifts. 

 “Raising Adam – In the Face of Adversity”
Come join us for the book signing!
August 13th from 2pm-4pm
This book will inspire all!
Intuition Development
With Rev. Philip and Rev. Ann Delong
1st Sunday of the month
From: 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Doors close promptly @ 1:30pm
$15.00 Suggested Donation( but all are welcome)
Come join Dr. Phil and Rev. Ann for this enjoyable and enlightening session. We will explore intuition, communication with Spirit, and Healing. Receive messages, and share your impressions with the group as you grow.
RSVP: or 386-453-9356 
Walk-ins always welcome
Two Mediums With Spirit
August 13, 2017
Begins @ 2:00pm
Dave & Jonella will connect with your loved ones and friends who have crossed over. They will bring evidence that life continues in the next world. This Amazing effort to work with the same spirit uses “double-link” which is a European style mediumship. 
Dave and Jonella trained in the southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida and at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, United Kingdom.
Attendance does not guarantee a reading.
We can help you discover The Art of Falling In Love With Your Time on Earth!