Merchant of the Month: October 2017

Riverfront Olive Oil & Vinegar Company 


Riverfront Olive Oil and Vinegar Company, owned and operated by Ned and Stephanie Figa, opened with a bang on August 23, 2017. Two and half weeks later, Irma decided to join the party and shut us down to replace the damaged flooring. But, in true Floridian spirit and fashion, we reopened our doors eight days later.

Ned has always had his own wholesale business; Stephanie’s background was public and higher education in North Carolina. Moving here three years ago, we knew that we wanted to find a niche business, that we could tailor to the needs of the community, and the gourmet food business kept speaking to us. Having traveled through the Mediterranean, and enjoying the simplistic, yet flavorful cuisines, we wanted to bring that way of eating to our area.

We have a tasting bar, consisting of 20 oils and 25 balsamic vinegars, that folks can try individually or mix for a marinade or dressing. In addition, we carry Florida made food products: local honeys, rubs, sauces, dips, and chips. Looking for an international twist? We have imported mustards from France, pasta/risotto/sauces from Italy, and salts from all over the world. Riverfront carries accessories to make prepping and serving a joy.