Rediscover US1, America’s Business Highway

Come Rediscover US 1, America’s business highway. 7 Volusia County cities bordering the US1 corridor that stretches for approximately 40 miles from Ormond Beach to Edgewater (Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, South Daytona, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater) invite you to rediscover US 1.

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3rd Annual Scavenger Hunt

April 21 – 29, 2017

  • Take part in the area’s largest ever scavenger hunt featuring local businesses along US-1 from seven of the eight cities along US-1 (Ormond Beach to Edgewater).
  • There are vast treasures on US1 and it’s up to you discover each city’s gems.

Rediscover US 1

Participating Businesses

Ormond Beach

  • Houligan’s Restaurant  – 1643 N US Highway 1
  • T&M Floors- 275 S Yonge Street
  • Wall-Y-World Gallery – 173 S Yonge Street

Holly Hill

  • Boost Mobile  – 1212 Ridgewood Ave.

Daytona Beach

  • Eisenhauer Office Supply & Furniture –  601 N Ridgewood Ave.
  • Halifax Historical Museum – 252  S. Beach Street
  • Boost Mobile – 1310 S Ridgewood Ave.

South Daytona

  • Ashlie Environmental Landscaping  – 1705 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • Sign-O-Saurus  – 2127 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • Bay Breeze Blinds –  2277 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • Zeno’s Sweet Shop – 2400 S Ridgewood Ave.

Port Orange

  • Bob’s Bike Shop – 3855 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • LaBosco’s Jewelry Castle  4360 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • Roundhouse South Electronic Trains – 4611 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • Hot Tub Handyman and Supply –  5062 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • Sugar Time Sweets – 5204 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • Howard’s Café – 201-D Commonwealth Blvd.

New Smyrna Beach

  • Shark City Gym – 1180 N Dixie Freeway
  • Southern Paint – 605 S Dixie Freeway
  • George’s Scooters –  1200 N Dixie Freeway
  • Gypsy Fresh Grill – 515 N Dixie Hwy.
  • Perrine’s Produce – 1044 N Dixie Hwy.
  • Boost Mobile – 1425 S Dixie Freeway


  • Ocean Optical – 600 N Ridgewood Ave., #D
  • LMN Printing – 118 N Ridgewood Ave.
  • Red White and Blue Mule Deli –  103 N Ridgewood Ave.
  • Tropical Blossom – 100 N Ridgewood Ave.
  • BJ’s Flowers & Plants – 917 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • Nationwide Medical – 2018 S Ridgewood Ave.
  • The Bake Shop – 2120 S Ridgewood Ave., #5B
  • Gary’s Choice Meats & Deli – 2341 S Ridgewood Ave.

How to Participate

Scavenger maps will be available at City Halls, participating businesses, Chamber of Commerce locations, or you can download one from City websites and Facebook pages. Scavenger maps will be available April 19th.

All entries due to any of the participating City Halls by Tuesday, May 2nd, by 4 pm.

About Us

The Rediscover US-1 committee is a group of economic development practitioners from eight cities along US-1 that decided to come together early in 2015 to promote businesses along US-1 at a regional scale. Our first event (a regional scavenger hunt) garnered several media mentions including newspaper articles that showcased the event, local radio and TV coverage.

The three main objectives:

  1. Generating traffic to participating businesses—exposing new customers to the goods, products and services
  2. Providing a great experience to the attendees which fosters buzz
  3. Attracting and fostering interest in the US 1 Commercial Corridor among the community creating buzz that is newsworthy