Daytona Beach Downtown Farmers’ Market

Fresh Local Flavors on City Island

Located just across the river from the shops, restaurants, attractions and services along scenic Beach Street, our popular Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday from 7:00 a.m. until 1 p.m at the City Island parking lot next to Jackie Robinson Ballpark. The Farmers’ Market is a “must-see” if you love fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, baked goods, seafood and local food.

Visit our Farmers’ Market merchants and frequently asked questions pages for more information, or stop by our information booth Saturday morning!

Interested in becoming a vendor at the Farmers’ Market? Download the Vendor Application and Regulations.

Local Fresh Grown Produce, Dairy, Seafood, Baked Goods, Foliage, Handmade Crafts and more…

Come out Saturday Morning from 7AM-1PM, to Daytona’s beautiful City Island.

A scenic walk across the Magnolia bridge or the Sweetheart Trail will lead you to the beautiful Historic Downtown Shopping District with decorative brick inlayed sidewalks. Shop exclusive stores (owned by small local businesses), dine at a large selection of family restaurants (featuring a variety of cuisines), and enjoy attractions, such as The Halifax Historical Museum, Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory (complete with tours and FREE Samples), The Cinematique Theater (Independent Foreign Films)  and The Veterans Museum and Education Center, all at the Riverfront Shops of Daytona Beach..

Make a day rediscovering Downtown Daytona Beach Riverfront Shops of Daytona Beach and Daytona Beach Downtown Farmers’ Market!!

For more information on the Farmers Market, please call Lori Slaight or Jason Jeffries at 386-671-8181

New Farmers Market Vendor



 Tre Amici Gourmet Kitchen

In April 1912 Frank Rizzo’s maternal Italian grandfather was headed to a new life in New York City when his ship diverted due to an emergency call to rescue survivors from the RMS Titanic disaster.  Because the Titanic was on a more northerly route, the survivors were picked up by another ship, RMS Carpathia,  and Frank’s grandfather ended up in Boston.  The Rizzo family eventually migrated to West Massachusetts, and it was here that Frank learned how to cook from his parents and grandparents.  When Frank met Annemarie, he already had years of restaurant experience.

Fast forward a few years and the Rizzo family had become esconced in family life, including their daughter’s love of competitive swimming.  It was here that the Rizzo family became friends with the Meyer and Schwarz families.  After many days and sometimes nights on the pool deck, the Rizzo family began sharing their generations old love of pasta and Italian cooking. Starting with three and growing to about 15 families, the Rizzos taught all how to make and consume incredible pastas and sauces, usually around the holidays.  The positive reviews and good times at these informal gatherings with friends, sparked the idea to bring these recipes to the masses.  Hence our tagline, “Italian specialties from our families to yours” was born.

Utilizing the talents of all of our family members, we proudly introduce “Tre Amici Gourmet Kitchen“.  We pride ourselves in using the finest and freshest ingredients when making these generations old recipes. Our hope is your family will enjoy the pastas and sauces as much as our families have.  We make each with love – from our kitchen to yours. Buon Appetito!!!!

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The Sweetheart Trail

The “Sweetheart Trail” is a multi-use pathway for traffic-free travel that offers such amenities like contemporary shaded awnings which complement the beauty of Daytona Beach’s riverfront. The “Sweetheart Trail” runs along the Halifax River, which has always been a major transportation corridor and economic resource for the Daytona Beach area. Across from the trail, in the city’s downtown area, there many trendy and unique eateries and boutique shops.

The trail is part of Daytona Beach’s section of the East Coast Greenway, a 2,900-mile-long shared-use trail between Calais, Maine, and Key West, Florida. The trail enters Daytona Beach at Sickler Park, under the Seabreeze Bridge, and continues south to Beville Road (see map). By using existing sidewalk where possible and strategically finding state grant dollars, the project has made rapid progress and future sections are now in the design phase.

What’s in a name?

During the Industrial Revolution and the golden century of yachting, the warm waters of the Halifax River enticed a northern, wealthy business magnate, Charles Grover Burgoyne and his wife Mary Therese MacCauley Burgoyne to retire to Daytona Beach in 1894.

The “Sweetheart Trail” is named after the 75-foot yacht owned by the Burgoynes. The Sweetheart was built from cypress and pine in 1898 on City Island, providing jobs during hard economic times.

The Sweetheart frequently cruised the Halifax River, departing from what is now the Magnolia Street Bridge. Charles Burgoyne, who was also mayor and commodore of the Halifax River Yacht Club, was often seen with friends in the early morning hours having breakfast aboard the Sweetheart while enjoying the romance and adventure of the river.