Attractions, Culture & Entertainment in Downtown Daytona Beach

An Attractive Place to Visit

Head to historic Downtown Daytona Beach’s scenic Beach Street riverfront area for outstanding entertainment and attractions. Take a sweet tour of Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory, enjoy independent films at the Cinematique Theater, catch a Daytona Tortugas game, explore the past at Halifax History Museum, relax at the Halifax Harbor Marina, and enjoy live musical and theatrical performances at the News-Journal Center at Daytona State College. It’s all downtown and sure to dazzle!

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Daytona Arcade Musuem

The Daytona Arcade Museum is a wonderful trip back to the golden age of arcade games, allowing you to not only see all the great games from the past, but to actually play them!

We have a wonderful collection of full-size arcade and pinball machines, as well as a selection of playable classic home console games and some of the first handheld games. See the world’s largest active exhibit of artifacts from the “Atari Tomb” in Almagordo, New Mexico, as seen in the movie Atari: Game Over.

One admission price includes all day play with no need for quarters or tokens. Every game is free to play all day!



The Veterans Museum & Educational Center

The Veterans Museum & Education Center is a non-profit corporation established in March 13 2013. Its mission is to educate the public about the importance of our veterans. And the goals are to pay tribute to the service and sacrifice to those men and women who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States.

The Veterans Museum & Education Center is designed to educate future generations in understanding the cost of freedom and encourage and foster pride and patriotism in our country.

We began the museum in the Ormond Beach City Hall Building about 3 years ago.

The challenge was to find a larger space in order to properly pay tribute to our veterans.

The search for space included space at Daytona Beach airport, other government buildings, and private businesses facilities. The search for a larger space ended this year when we reached an agreement with Dr. Wahba W. Whaba, a well-known local physician in Daytona Beach, to use space in a building he owned in downtown Daytona Beach. His generous offer allowed us to relocate to the upstairs of Tic Toc Enterprises located at 166 South Beach St.

A dedication and A Grand Opening of the museum was held on Saturday August 6 with nearly 250 people in attendance. Guest speakers included Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry and Lt. Colonel Garret Messner, U.S. Army retired.

The museum is now open on Tuesday and Thursday 1PM-5PM and 12PM-4PM on Saturday. There is no charge for the museum and donations are accepted and appreciated, and the museum is looking for volunteers to act as hosts and guides.

A feature of the museum is a Veteran of the Month which spotlights an individual who has served in the Armed Forces. We encourage veterans, or families of veterans to submit information that can be used in this feature.

The Veterans Museum & Education Center has a membership requirement and meets the first Tuesday of the month in room 4 of the Ormond Beach Library, however “Visitors are welcome at the monthly meetings”.

The Museum is directed by a Board of Directors and has an Advisory Board consisting of retired officers and enlisted persons who held the rank of First Sgt. to Lt. General.

Membership annual fee in the organization is as follows, Individual $25.00, Family $30.00, and Businesses $100.00.

In addition, individuals or businesses who make a donation of ($20.00 or more) in support of the museum will have their name or business displayed on the Donor Honor Roll plaque.

All donations are tax deductible.
The success of the museum will depend on the support of the citizens and the veterans of our community.

John A.Brinkley,President
Veterans Museum & Education Center,Inc.
Phone 386-677-7416

Veterens Musuem 7

The Sweetheart Trail

The “Sweetheart Trail” is a multi-use pathway for traffic-free travel that offers such amenities like contemporary shaded awnings which complement the beauty of Daytona Beach’s riverfront. The “Sweetheart Trail” runs along the Halifax River, which has always been a major transportation corridor and economic resource for the Daytona Beach area. Across from the trail, in the city’s downtown area, there many trendy and unique eateries and boutique shops.

The trail is part of Daytona Beach’s section of the East Coast Greenway, a 2,900-mile-long shared-use trail between Calais, Maine, and Key West, Florida. The trail enters Daytona Beach at Sickler Park, under the Seabreeze Bridge, and continues south to Beville Road (see map). By using existing sidewalk where possible and strategically finding state grant dollars, the project has made rapid progress and future sections are now in the design phase.

What’s in a name?

During the Industrial Revolution and the golden century of yachting, the warm waters of the Halifax River enticed a northern, wealthy business magnate, Charles Grover Burgoyne and his wife Mary Therese MacCauley Burgoyne to retire to Daytona Beach in 1894.

The “Sweetheart Trail” is named after the 75-foot yacht owned by the Burgoynes. The Sweetheart was built from cypress and pine in 1898 on City Island, providing jobs during hard economic times.

The Sweetheart frequently cruised the Halifax River, departing from what is now the Magnolia Street Bridge. Charles Burgoyne, who was also mayor and commodore of the Halifax River Yacht Club, was often seen with friends in the early morning hours having breakfast aboard the Sweetheart while enjoying the romance and adventure of the river.